Our Mission

"Most of us believe that thinking about hurting or killing someone only occurs to others. But sometimes we are those other people". Catrine Bo' Griffith author of LIFE TARGET: Heal and Free Yourself from Your Own Enemy
What if we could stop people before the act?

Life Target’s dedication is to provide support to people on the verge of lethal violence, to help them channel their fear or anger into positive self-growth.

We provide guidance, tools, and emotional support essential to defusing and deflecting violence and promoting successful outcomes.

Life Target is not a suicide hotline which exists to prevent an individual’s own death. Our focus is solely on the individual who directs violence against others.

“It is clear to me that Life Target is doing some amazing things. The mission can be lifesaving and provides those in need with a variety of excellent resources.”
“With Life Target, we will put an end to violence”
Nani Zohayr
“Thank you Life Target”
Jennifer Montgomery

You Are Not Alone

“The thought of hurting or killing can be turned into a healing conversation, not a harmful act.  Asking for help is not a weakness but in fact one of our most sacred strengths.
Your research (s) on Life Target’s search engine is totally anonymous. Life Target does not use, store, forward or sell for financial profit your contact information.”

Catrine Bo' Griffith

Crisis Intervention

Do you feel fear, anger or being revengeful?
Welcome to our free anonymous user friendly 24/7 referral crisis support, gathering close to 500 services, ready to help you.

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L.T. EMERGENCY PROXY is what you need right now!

Understand that you are capable of solving your situation with the good of who you are and with the good of others.
National or local services have volunteers and licensed health professionals. All Proxies are trained and ready to help you with the best tips and advice, which will get you back on track with what your life has to offer.
You may find Proxies through the national or local (State) nonprofit organizations on our Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.) search engine.

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The representations of the providers of services included herein are not guaranteed by Life Target Inc. nor are they a service offered by this organization. The links are provided as potential resources only and by using these services you understand that you use them at your own free will.  Life Target Inc. disclaims any responsibility for the acts, omissions or negligence of any party providing services to you. This page is offered free of charge and without any benefit to the staff or principals of this organization.

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