Life Target’s mission is to give people going through a crisis the opportunity to have support tools in order to stay on the path towards a positive outcome, so that they do not commit violence or homicide against another person and allow themselves to live the best version of their life.

In order to de-escalate violence, Life Target is to open direct communication with the possible offenders. By doing so, this makes it easier for them to reach out for help.

Despite the extensive information available on the internet about violence prevention services, online research becomes too complex, especially when people are feeling most vulnerable, and at the same time in demand for help.

In order to facilitate a search for essential resources, Life Target has created a single Emergency Contacts Directory, called Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.) with close of 500 diverse emotional/mental emergency counseling services, regarding violence prevention. This Emergency Contacts Directory will be maintained and kept updated on Life Target’s website and hopefully will be shared as far and wide as possible in many different communities.

One of our other tools is about raising awareness of how choosing violence as a final solution can have a considerable negative impact on one’s life.

“Get a Proxy!” is Life Target’s banner. Being listened to is no longer a luxury nowadays, thanks to many different volunteers or professional Proxies in emotional/mental health. Achieving a positive healing outcome is doable.

These resources are essential and are needed immediately for people in distress who are considering hurting another person.

Shifting fear or hateful intentions is totally achievable to ease someone back on track to normalcy, as long as we give them the easiest path to do so.

As the founder of Life Target and a public speaker, my main message is my personal and successful experience by accepting that “the thought of hurting or killing can be turned into a healthy conversation and not a final act.” Thanks to the incredible participation of Proxies, I have learned to regain my life.  I believe strongly that most people have the capacity to get to a healthy outcome without feeling defeated if they do not hit their target.

Life Target is committed to giving people this opportunity and the support to get there.

I thank you for your encouragement and I invite you to participate in Life Target in any way you can.

Help us to make it all happen!

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