Manhattan-based, Catrine pursues her career as a visual artist, and as Founder of Life Target while expanding her role as a public speaker.

Catrine wanted, and even attempted to kill her father. Her story about getting to a positive outcome is inspirational.

Her personal victory over the option of violence and how her intervention and recovery occurred is central to her talks. Successfully shifting our hateful intentions from a place of conflict, is one of her strong points during her talks, as well as to how to ease ourselves back on track, so as to live the best version of ourselves.

Catrine also speaks about the good reasons why conflict should not be ignored, and should be shared with qualified Proxies, no matter our emotional state.

Therefore, Catrine wants to remind us that despite the fear or rage, it is never too late to achieve a positive outcome. Asking for help is not a weakness but in fact one of our most sacred strengths.

At the same time, Catrine will be raising awareness of the impact from a personal level, when choosing violence as a supposed option in order to erase a conflict.

The thought of hurting or killing can be turned into a healing conversation and not to a harmful act.”



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