Life Target wants to make sure that anyone thinking of using violence to the point of killing their opponent-shifting their mindset and not feeling defeated Is within their reach if they do not “hit their target.” 
In order for that to happen, Life Target takes actions every day to ensure no one feels rejected or stays in silent and loner mode during their conflict. Life Target’s aim is to make tools, such as its Search Engine with available resources for people to reach Proxies with ease-people who are trained to de-escalate the crisis in order to restore individual’s life as soon as possible.

People who are contemplating violence need to be put at ease in order for them to reach out for help!

Alienation, isolation, and seclusion can contribute further negativity to people already in emotional collapse, resulting in them making bad decisions or becoming destructive towards others. It is urgent for them to turn to competent support to avoid possible disastrous outcomes.  For these reasons, Life Target is taking the following three actions, meant to help people in distress who are considering hurting another person.

* Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.): In order to help people not to use violence as a last option, Life Target has created a single emergency resources search engine, the Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.) which gathers existing emotional health and counseling that can be found online. By gathering all possible resources in one listing, this will simplify the process for a person in turmoil to reach out quickly for help to de-escalate their emotions.

* Educative Awareness: Public talks to discuss the emotional toll it takes on a personal level, after deciding to hurt or premeditating a homicide.

* “Get a Proxy!” Life Target’s banner: Life Target is to be present in many different communities, to open the conversation with people about the Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P) search engine. By being in neighborhoods with our communities, it allows Life Target to open up the conversation with people about being at ease to ask for help when getting into a conflict.

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