A murder occurs in average every 30 minutes in America.

My name is Catrine Bo’ Griffith, Founder and President of Life Target nonprofit organization.

From my personal past experience in choosing to kill as a supposed only solution, I was stopped a few minutes from the potential tragedy.
I have since understood why we could make such a decision and also made me realize that MANY PEOPLE WOULD PREFER NOT TO CHOOSE VIOLENCE.  What if we could get people to see that there are other options to their situation?  What if we could help people not use violence before they act?  An easy-to-use support system had to be put in place with an attentive and direct approach for the people concerned.

Searching online is time consuming and can be intimidating.  It is important for the individual to reach out for help as soon as possible instead of giving up. That’s when L.T.E.P.’s success is taking place, by doing everything to prevent the individual from

That’s when I made the decision to develop Life Target Emergency Proxy (L.T.E.P.), a national search engine to help prevent violence in our society.  My conviction that people going through such crises were in demand of support is showing encouraging results with an average of 1500 visitors a month.  Today L.T.E.P. is a free anonymous user friendly 24/7 referral crisis service, with close to 500 violence prevention agencies at one’s fingertips: all-encompassing from hotlines to texts- chats or online counseling services.


·       Struggling individuals contemplating a lethal act: People considering violence will be able to relate to testimonials. Many people think these thoughts are unique and that no one else is going through this.  They’re wrong.  But we will guide them to understand it’s a dangerous mindset.  We will help people achieve healthier outcomes when it comes to conflict – regardless of age, race, or gender.

·       People surrounded by violence:  Reading about the reality of the terrible consequences to themselves and their families if they choose violence will hopefully get them to reconsider.  We will show readers how to ask for and get the help they need before they act.

·       Community members: We can strengthen our communities by promoting self-reflection, consideration, and open mindedness in helping others during such a crisis.  This can unify and help communities live a more serene, daily life by reducing the number of victims to violence.

WHY Gofundme? 

The reason I am doing a personal GoFundMe, for Life Target is because Life Target needs to be registered to the Charitable Solicitation Registration to get direct funding. It has a significant cost and takes three months before being completely registered. So meanwhile, it would be awesome to have your financial support until everything is administratively put in place.

We are inviting you to fund our next 6 months expenses.

I have been the financial spine since Life Target’s creation.  The yearly financial costs to maintain Life Target is increasing at a fast rate and I can no longer hold that role on my own.  Devoting my full attention to Life Target is essential.  It is crucial to have Life Target maintain the quality of its services.

Including the regular yearly expenses, diverse new expenditures are continuing: 

·       Charitable Solicitation Registration: $7,045.00. In order to get national funding for Life Target we need to register to the Charitable Solicitation office.

·       Full time management: $24,000.00

·       Neighborhood events: $1,000.00 – portable outdoor banner and flyers.

·       Miscellaneous: $4,020.00 – web hosting/Phone/Internet/ Travel to community invitation.

·       24/7 L.T.E.P. search engine maintenance assistance service: $ 7,200.00 – IT developer -website and search engine.

·       Accounting software: $300.00 – Quickbooks Pro.

·       Electronic computer software: $4,497.00 -computers and phone.

Please donate what you can. Your participation will definitely make a great impact, in keeping our community safe.

* LIFE TARGET: Heal and Free Yourself from Your Enemy by Catrine Griffith


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