Book cover for Life Target: Heal Yourself from Your Inner Enemy

Life Target:

Heal Yourself from Your Inner Enemy

Most of us believe that thinking about killing someone or putting the thought into action to solve a problem only happens to other people. But it is possible that we may end up becoming one of those individuals.

Life Target: Heal Yourself from Your Inner Enemy is about stopping a dangerous decision as quickly as possible when choosing to commit a deadly crime.

Whether you consider killing someone as the last option or have been influenced to do so despite knowing that it would be a profound wrongdoing, Life Target is your community.

Be assured that you are not the only one going through this type of situation.

Walking away from using violence without feeling defeated or like a failure is possible.


Based on Catrine Bo’ Griffith’s experience of deciding to kill a family member, her book, Life Target: Heal Yourself from Your Inner Enemy, helps us comprehend our personal responsibility and the losses that arise when we consider a deadly act as a last resort. It outlines a path that is within everyone’s reach, keeping us away from taking a devastating action that would destroy the intended victim’s life and alter our own for the worse.


“The thought of hurting or killing can be turned into a healing conversation, not a harmful act.”


—Catrine Bo’ Griffith

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The “ticking time bomb”

One of the most prominent awakenings during my healing process was this: Whether we consider taking the situation in our own hands or asking someone else to do it, resorting to violence will bring us to the same empty conclusion—any intention to hurt or kill provides only a false and self-destructive sense of being in control. Thinking that everything will be normal again once the target has been eliminated is misguided. It will only keep your life on hold from that moment.

For my part, this experience occurred during my childhood. My negative emotions quietly got the best of me. As a result, I met with failure by seeking my own potential solutions while not being in the right state of mind. To me, at last, deciding to kill my target seemed like my only option.

My brother stopped me, telling me multiple times to drop the knife when I was just a moment away from killing my father; I truly understand what you are going through.

That is why I am extending a hand to you. My role is to share my personal experience, not as a registered professional in the emotional and mental health field but as a humble advocate to support you in regaining your place as a member of the community with a healthy state of mind. The time you have spent on going to the opposite horizon has come to an end.

May the Life Target community inspire you to give up taking the wrong decision or venting your issue only to those who approve of your devastating intention.

The power to restore your life