Catrine Bo’ Griffith is a New York City resident, visual artist, author, public speaker and President of Life Target.
Catrine talks openly about how her anger and fear consumed her and led her to attempt to kill her father. She was stopped few seconds before. Her journey of recovery is inspirational and central to her publications and talks.

Catrine has understood that many people would prefer not to use violence.
She is raising awareness of the impact from a personal level, when choosing violence as a supposed option in order to erase a conflict, and speaks also about the good reasons why conflict should not be ignored, and should be shared with qualified Proxies, no matter our emotional state.
The decision to change the trajectory of this past experience was not easy but ended successfully. She wants the same ending for everyone.
Catrine wants to reach as many people as possible. Contact Ms. Griffith to request a speaking engagement by clicking below.

LIFE TARGET: Heal and Free Yourself from Your Enemy.

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The “ticking time bomb.”

… Whether you consider yourself a victim or a vigilante, resorting to violence will bring you to the same empty conclusion: any intention to hurt or kill only provides a false and self-destructive sense of being in control. Thinking that everything will be perfect once the opponent has been eliminated will not work.

For my part, this personal experience happened to me during my childhood. Unfortunately, I was feeling overwhelmed in a situation that needed immediate attention with a proxy.

I did not speak up about my burden to anyone, therefore, I could not receive objective advice. I let my negative emotions silently get the better of me. As a result, I met with failure by seeking my own potential solutions while not being in the right state of mind. To me, at that moment, deciding to kill my opponent seemed to be the last and only option.


Being stopped by my brother shouting at me multiple times to drop the knife just a moment away from killing my father, I truly understand what you are going through.

That is why I am here extending a hand to you. I am here to share my experience as a humble supporter. I witnessed that it is necessary to defuse the “ticking time bomb” that we can become in those situations. However, I did not initially understand this when it happened to me.

Life Target: Freeing Your Opponent Through Your Own Liberation is not here to judge or lecture you. Take this book as your first proxy, a resource to inspire you not to live in silence or only vent your issue to people that approve of your intention…

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